two touching poems


My Teacup: In Memoriam

by Annemarie

O proud and glorious vessel of tea,

You did your duty valiantly.

And ne’er shall pass another day

Where by my side you deign to stay.

Your curving sides, your graceful lip

Fit perfectly within my grip.

Leaf and bag, in water steeped

A splash of milk into the deep.

Each day a perfect cup you gave

A legacy now for your grave.

Though many may make their appeal,

No other cup my heart shall steal.


The Sounds of a Silence (in the Morning)

by Jan

Hello coffee, my old friend,

I’ve come to drink you here again,

Restless nights that were so fleeting

The darkness left, now I am bleating

for the coffee that will now restore my brain

once again.

Bring me the sounds of silence.


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