Meet the Editors

Widdershire is a repository of original stories. It is edited by Annemarie Plenert, Jan Moffett, and Stephanie Martin White. All three are avid readers, unabashed fangirls, raging feminists, and badass mothers. They met over ten years ago at university, and bonded over their love of wordsmithery. Now that they live in three separate provinces, they’ve harnessed the amazing power of the Internet to work together on this literary project.11924308_10156053799260425_6904654536809779886_n

Annemarie lives in Winnipeg. When she was three years old, she announced to her mother that when she grew up she was going to be a writer. She spends her time knitting, working on her first novel, and reading all the YA fantasy while her three children attempt world domination through Lego, Scotch tape, and yelling. Her original posts are listed under West Widdershire.12938267_10156821844575473_2088727501369435837_n

Jan lives in on the edge of a large island in the cold North
Atlantic. She’s worked for public libraries for over ten years and therefore knows more about James Patterson and Nora Roberts then she’d like to. Her book obsessions include Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and any graphic novel she can get her hands on. She’s also a fan of being a fan and finding new things to become obsessed with every day. You can find her posts under East Widdershire.

Steph Martin White Steph lives in the Grand River watershed. During the day she can be found crunching numbers for a local nonprofit or hanging out with her one year old daughter. She can be found reading (or sometimes writing) at all other times. Unless she is watching Downton Abbey whilst knitting. Her literary idols include Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Jo Walton, and Miranda Hill. She rocks an Oxford comma. Her original posts are listed under Midwiddershire.

Widdershire invites your submissions. Please see our guidelines here.