The Origins of Widdershire

Once upon a time there were three girls, one from the edge of the mountains, one from the prairies, and one from the Canadian Shield. They met in the early twenty-first century at university in the middle of Canada, and became fast friends, bonding mostly over their shared love of stories. After they graduated, they drifted across the country, ending up far from each other. They kept in touch through the magic of the internet, mostly to insist to each other that they read particular books or to talk about how they wished they had the time/space/energy to write. They got married, and they had children. They saw each other occasionally, and each time it was as though no time had passed. They had a friendship that was stronger than time or distance.

During the Christmas season of 2015, each of the three girls, now women, had the spark of an idea. They wished for a place that could be an outlet for their creative energies, a place where they could share the stories that could not be suppressed despite day jobs and children and regular life. They reached out to each other, and the idea took root.

They started writing, and talking, and writing some more. They sent emails and texts and had video chats. They freaked out, then they wrote about it. They bought a domain name and started posting. After a couple of months, they decided to share it with the world.

And here you are.

Welcome to Widdershire.

Our three editors are Jan, Stephanie, and Annemarie, alternately titled East, Mid, and West Widdershire. For more about them individually, check out our about page.

And for an alternative introduction to the site, check out our first-ever post: a warm welcome.